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1/4 DIN Cassette /tray for 5 Instruments

1/4 DIN Cassette /tray for 5 Instruments

Please secure your instruments during the cleaning and sterilization between two silicone rails. Save on reparation and replacement costs for scratched and damaged instruments.

A top quality product. The ideal solution for instrument management in Diagnostic, Period-ontology, Restorative treatment. Cleaning, sterilization, conservation and storage of your instruments on the easy and safe way.

Product details:

1/4 DIN cassette size (182x72x34mm)

Capacity: max.5 Instrument

Time saving locking system

Adjustable silicone rails - available in 4 different colors, blue, orange, red, green. (Please select in the above mentioned options)

Stainless steel

Your advantage:

Cost minimization: Avoid repair and replacement costs through better instrument protection.

Flexible design: Customize the interior of the cassette, thanks to free-moving silicon rails to your needs. Ask us and we will help you in doing so.

Optimal identification: Arrange your instrument sets in cassettes optimally with colored rails.

Hygiene: Reduce the risk of cross contamination and spreading during the handling of instruments.

Surgical stainless steel: Take advantage of absolute hygiene, excellent corrosion resistance and very long life of our cassettes.

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